vendredi 14 septembre 2007

First episode (season 1)

The first episode is the most importante of the season 1 because it show everything about what Michael Scofiel did and especialy think about the story of his brother. Michael Scofiel is a civil engineer very shining, suffering of emotif disorder, with an exceptionel IQ. He prepared everything single part of the plan. First he commit a fake ''hold-up'' in a bank to be incarcerer in the same prison (Fox River) where is Lincoln Burrows. To be sure that he never fergot his plan, Micheal Scofiel, tatoo all over his body a artistique design of the plan. I really like the way the introduction of this very season (the best i tink of all 3) his made. Many peapole will gave a support to Micheal Scofiel to help him getting free with his brother and others...

jeudi 6 septembre 2007

A brief introduction about my TV program

My TV program is an American serial drama television series named ‘’Prison Break’’. Created by Paul Scheuring, the story in the first season is about 2 brothers in jail situate on the Fox River State Penitentiary. Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows are trying to escape with all their skills during the first 22 episodes. I chose this TV program because it is the only series that I love to watch because it has no surpernatural things and all the history is based on the ‘’life’’ in jail. To be honest I don’t espect to learn anything from this TV program because first of all I don’t trust American dramas etc and my only interest for watching this is to have fun. The first season is based on the fact that the younger brother (Michael Scofield) is trying to help his brother, who is accused of the murder, escape from a crime that he didn’t commit. He was accused of killing Terrence Steadman, who is the brother of the female Vice President of the United States.